Dog Honking Cough – Should You Be Concerned?

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Dog Honking Cough – Should You Be Concerned

Dog honking cough can be something you commonly hear when you are living with a dog. Cough is part of a dog’s life, just like how humans live with it. However, not all coughs are the same. Some factors might become the main lead of the cough.

So, should you be concerned with it? Generally, you need to check the sound and cause of the cough in the first place. Even though it could be something you do not need to worry about, some conditions may require special attention.

Types of coughing

Dog coughing at night can be a common thing your dog does. However, you need to pay close attention to the type of it. Knowing the coughing type in your dog helps to determine the problem, and later you can decide whether or not it is an emergency. Other than that, you can describe a clear image to the vet.

Honking cough is when the cough sounds like a honking noise like a goose sound. A hacking cough is when the sound is dry and hacking – it seems like your dog is trying to clear its throat. A gagging cough sounds like a high-pitched gag sound, while a wet cough may sound moist.

Some factors could tell you whether or not the dog honking cough needs special attention. Again, if you have no idea why your dog is coughing, do not hesitate to consult a vet.

The cause

The most common cause of coughing in dogs is the kennel cough. This condition is extremely contagious, but it is not necessarily serious. However, the cough could be a symptom of a serious health condition if the infection has reached the lungs – bronchitis, pneumonia, and other lung-related issues may develop.

Some items may also stick in your dog’s throat. Coughing is the dog’s natural reaction in attempts to remove those items. If this is the case, you can check your dog’s mouth and throat immediately.

However, you better not ignore it. Some life-threatening issues like heart disease, tracheal collapse, or even lung cancer might be the reason why.

Take them to the veterinarian

To know the dog coughing treatment, you need to take your canine fellas to the vet immediately. Of course, you need to fulfill the nutrition in the first place. However, knowing the condition earlier is better than sorry later. Even though dog honking cough can be a natural thing your dog does, it can lead to a life-threatening health condition without proper care.

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