ASPCA Charity Rating Guide – How Good the Organization Is?

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ASPCA charity rating

This is true that ASPCA charity rating is not the only way to measure how good the work of the organization is. But, at least, it can be an indication of how this charity is professionally viewed. The following page will show you the ASPCA rating and what reasons that lead it to get so.

Is It Really about Animals?

ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was established in the 1800s. As the name suggests, the organization is aimed to protect animals from any form of cruelty by humans. But is ASPCA solely about animals? Being given a middling “C” rating in the summer of 2019 by the CharityWatch, an independent watchdog, questions about the motivation of ASPCA raises significantly now. The CharityWatch finds out that the charity has spent about 40% of the budget organization on overhead. Not only that but it is also known that the organization also spends up to 38 cents from each dollar they raised for the same allocation. Nearly similar to CharityWatch, Charity Navigator also gives 2 stars out of 4 for the financial efficiency of the ASPCA charity rating. Charity Navigator finds out that in 2018, the organization has spent more than $50 million on fundraising. When the ASPCA CEO, Edwin Sayres left the organization in 2013, he got $600,000 as compensation. Meanwhile, Matt Bershadker, the current CEO of ASPCA earnt about $760,000 in 2018 and $850,000 in 2017.

ASPCA Is Not a Pet Shelter

Despite the name of the organization, you need to know that ASPCA doesn’t affiliate with local SPCAs. So far the charity is known to donate little of the money it’s raised to them. Reports show that ASPCA only donated about $4.9 million to support animal shelters in 2013. That amount of money is only 4% of the charity’s total budget that reached $129 million that year. Not only that but funds raised by ASPCA are not necessarily given to local shelters of the donors. The State Humane Association of California filed a complaint about the fundraising of ASPCA with the Attorney General of California in 2011. The organization argued that ASPCA has practiced deceptive and unfair fundraising that damaged SPCAs and local human societies. It is hoped that with all these findings as well as ASPCA charity rating, those who want to donate to any animal welfare organization should find as much information as possible about it before making a donation.

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  1. Since you have been in business for over two hundred years you have done little to nothing towrds ending animal abuse. You have done an excellent job of lining you own pockets though. You are abusing animals in your own special way. With the amount of $$$$ you take in from animal lovers you could have changed laws long ago to fix these problems but that would not enrich you by doing so. I reached out to you for the help you advertised you would give several times and each and every time I was directed to your donation page. No help was ever forth coming. From you or any other organization stating they would help in their wanting to help animals. Always redirected to their donations pages. Online and on the phone. You are contemptible. You will be judged for your treatment of God’s beautiful creatures.

    1. Thank you for that! I have been donating monthly to ASPCA but not any more!! If the CEO makes that much monthly I am done!! Let him donate his salary. I adopted my little dog from SAFE rescue and will be donating there from now on and also SPCA. OMG that is disgusting and I feel so stupid

  2. Why don’t you help local shelters & give up 1/2 your salary, the big wigs of this so called charity?? Only 14% raised goes to saving animals. That’s horrifying, just like conditions of abused animals. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  3. OMG I was shocked at the amount of money your CEO makes. That is total rediciously that anyone make that kind of money. I was about to make a donation and decided to check the organization found and boy am I glad I did. I will give my money to a local rescue or adoption center before I give it to your organization. You guys should be ashamed of such robbery of people’s generosity.

  4. If you want to donate to protect our wonderful pets DO IT LOCALLY. Call your local shelter and ask them what they need and donate accordingly. You will get more of your $ for the good. ONLY 50-60% IF YOU DONATED TO THE ASPCA.

  5. Whenever I see those heart-wrenching ASPCA commercials on TV, I think, why are they just filming these suffering, shivering animals instead of pulling them out of those horrendous situations??? If I saw an animal suffering like that, my first instinct would be to physically come to their immediate aid, not film them!