Controlling Cat Peeing Deterrent at Home

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Controlling Cat Peeing Deterrent at Home

Cat peeing deterrent can be a difficult problem. It can make your house smell like a cat litter box. Besides, you can be upset and frustrating.

There are some best ways you can do to overcome this problem. Yet, you should know the causes before you find the best solutions. Now, let us see the following reasons.

Medical Reasons

The most regular cause is medical reasons. You should meet your vet if your cat shows the below conditions.

  • Bladder stone or blockage
    You should also check its urinating whether it feels pain during urinating or not. This sign can be bladder stones or even blockage. It can be serious if you find out the blood traces on its urine.
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
    This habit shows by its frequent urination in small amounts. It is called a urinary tract infection. You can have a cat peeing deterrent solution by asking for an antibiotics prescription from your vet.
  • Feline Interstitial Cystitis
    It is also known as idiopathic cystitis. This condition makes your cat urinate in a sudden outside the box. Your cat can be better through some adjustments in food as well as the environment.

Behavior Reasons

After finding out some medical problems, you must recognize what factors make your cat act like this. It is necessary to find the reason for its behavior.

  1. The new environment may threaten your cat. Those things can be a new house, new people, or even a new pet.
  2. Your cat may urinate in a specific spot. Its urinate smell can cause the cat to repeat the same thing in the same place.
  3. You must notice whether your cat is peeing or spraying. Of course, both have a different meaning to your cat. The spraying shows that your cat is marking its territory.
  4. Besides, there is another reason that makes your cat spray. Generally, your cat will spray if it feels stress. Yet, many cat peeing deterrent methods can reduce this behavior.

Other Reasons

Another cause can be the litter box. If your cat is unhappy with its litter box, it will stop using the box. So, you should maintain the litter box cleanliness to keep your cat happy using it.


There are multiple products you can use to stop this bad habit. You can begin with homemade products for a quick solution.

These products are easy to make and also cheap. Hopefully, you can find the best way for a cat peeing deterrent at home.

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