The Hyperthyroidism in Cats Life Expectancy Causes and Treatments

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The Hyperthyroidism in Cats Life Expectancy Causes and Treatments

Hyperthyroidism in cats life expectancy is a typical disease found in middle-aged or senior cats. Hyperthyroidism means an excessive production of thyroid hormone. This disease can affect some crucial health implications.

The following guidelines will help you to share some information about hyperthyroidism. You can recognize the causes and have the right treatment for your cat.

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The causes of hyperthyroidism in cats
There are several symptoms of hyperthyroidism. If you can detect it earlier, you may select the right treatment for your cat.

The thyroid hormones are important to maintain cats’ metabolism, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, including gastrointestinal function. You may notice the symptoms such as weight loss, although they have increased appetite, including drinking.

Besides, there are several other symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats life expectancy. You will get signs like increased urination, hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, and a greasy or unkempt coat.

The diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in cats
For further diagnosis, your vet will begin with a physical examination. The swollen of the thyroid gland isn’t always visible. Thus, your vet will carefully examine the gland to get signs of swelling.

Next, you can do a blood test to get an exact result. The test can measure the thyroid hormone level (T4) in the cat’s blood.

The treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats
Several treatments are available for this disease. Your vet will suggest to you which one is appropriate for your cat.

Daily medication
Daily medication is a regular treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats life expectancy. It can be a lifelong treatment to make T4 production inactive. Of course, you must follow the prescription as mentioned by your vet.

For specific cases, surgery can be the only way to remove the thyroid glands. In the 3 to 4 weeks before the surgery, your cat has to take daily hyperthyroid medication. It is useful to stabilize and lessen anesthetic risks to your cat.

Radioactive Iodine Treatment
This treatment is rarely taken due to some effects. The treatment requires a below-skin radioactive iodine injection that targets the abnormal thyroid tissue. However, it can damage healthy glands or tissue.

Low Iodine Diet
You can control the iodine level of your cat too. You can start by feeding a special diet for the cat. If you take this treatment, you must be strict with your cat.

In the end, hyperthyroidism is a treatable disease. By controlling hyperthyroidism in cats life expectancy, you can make your cat live long and healthy.

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