Detecting Kitten Goopy Eye for Possible Treatment

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Detecting Kitten Goopy Eye for Possible Treatment

Kitten goopy eye is possible for treatment. You may feel uncomfortable seeing your kitten has an eye infection. The causes may be varied.

Yet, you have to know about the causes to be able to cure it. The following are brief information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for an eye infection.

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Cause and Sign

There are two general causes of kitten eye infection. First, it may happen due to a vaginal infection carried by cat parents. The mother transfers the bacteria while she gives birth.

Second, it is because of the dirty environmental conditions after birth. The environment can be a major cause too.

There are three kinds of bacteria species that may cause kitten goopy eyes to the newborn. They are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and Herpesvirus. You will see the sign below:

  • The conjunctiva or the soft tissues inside the eyelids shows redness and swelling
  • The eyes’ discharge can be clear, yellow, white, or green.
  • There is crustiness built around the eyes’ skin.
  • The discharge can glue the eyes.

In the worst cases, eye infections can be harmful. It may cause corneal ulcers in kittens that can injure the eyeball outer surface.

If you keep this infection untreated, you can make your kitten blind. Thus, it can cause a permanent effect on your kitten’s eyes structure.


After you know the listed information above, you can recognize the causes and signs. Once your kitten has one of those causes, you should contact your vet to get proper treatment.

The vet will examine a complete physical test, especially for corneal ulcers of the eyes. The eye or vaginal discharge sample may be observed further in the lab.

The vet should use warm water to compress and loosen the kitten’s shut eyes. Your vet will show you how to do it step by step.

Then, you can do it at home and repeat it for better kitten goopy eye treatment. You should do it gently and carefully.

Next, your vet will present you with how to put the medicine. You should pay attention to it and ask the question if it is necessary. So, you can place an eye drop or ointment that contains antibiotics every few hours.

Your kitten will get oral prescribed antibiotics as well. Always remember to follow the instructions as mentioned. Allow your vet to check this treatment regularly.

Hopefully, the above information is beneficial for you. Hence, you can treat kitten goopy eye problems easily.

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