Methimazole Side Effects for Cats: What’s wrong with this Antithyroid Medication?

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Methimazole Side Effects for Cats

Many cat owners become considerate about the methimazole side effects for cats when there have been a lot of cats become very sick after taking this drug. Methimazole is actually an antithyroid drug used to treat hyperthyroidism in felines. The use of this drug is often off label, whereas most of off label medications are usually prescribed by vets. In these cases, it would be best to follow the vet’s instructions and cautions since they may give different directions from those on the drug label.

Methimazole for cats is given in the mouth if it’s in the form of an oral tablet or oral liquid. Methimazole liquid can also be applied within the earflap. As for the oral pill, it can be administered along with cats’ food, but if the cat vomits after getting the drug without their food, consider giving it with a small treat or wet food. This drug generally takes days or weeks before the effects can be detected. Even most of its effects are not clearly noticeable.

The most common methimazole side effects for cats include a change in appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and tiredness, typically can be seen in the first three months of taking this medication. As for the less common side effects , they include the digestive system and minor changes in the cat’s blood cell counts. All these uncommon side effects are typically transient and resolve in time.

Less commonly reported but severe side effects of methimazole include:

  • Hepatic disease.
  • The immune system of the cat begins to strike and kill their red blood cells, making the cat has anemia.
  • Low neutrophils – It’s a type of white blood cell that becomes a part of a cat’s immune system that fights bacteria and other dangerous substances. If a feline has low neutrophils, they may become prone to a harmful infection.
  • Low platelets in the cat – Each animal has platelets in their blood. If a feline has low platelets, it will make the cat’s blood not clot, and it may often lead to severe bleeding issues.

This antithyroid drug’s side effects can be a nightmare to many cat owners. Also, there are always some felines who cannot take this medication because of its side effects. Most experts said that the alternative drug for methimazole is ipodate. It’s a radiographic contrast agent based on iodine. But if you have to take methimazole for your cat and notice the methimazole side effects for cats after taking this treatment, it would be best to immediately stop the consumption and take your cat to a vet.

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