Dog Allergy Medicine Apoquel Use, Dosage, and Side Effects

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Dog Allergy Medicine Apoquel Use, Dosage, and Side Effects

Dog allergy medicine Apoquel is a trademarked brand for oclacitinib maleate. It is a medication that relives itching feeling on pet due to dermatitis. The drug contains Apoquel as its primary active ingredient, hence the name. You may read further about this specific medicine by reading the following.

Apoquel works by entering the pet’s bloodstream and blocking a certain enzyme named Janus kinases. Janus kinases is the enzyme that causes severe inflammation and itchiness – two conditions that happened when your dog is exposed to atopic or allergic dermatitis. The severity of inflammation and itchiness can be reduced by blocking this enzyme. It is a highly potent medicine, so you might want to have deeper understanding about Dog allergy medicine Apoquel, as explained below:


Apoquel is an immune suppressant drug that has been approved by FDA. It is frequently prescribed by vets to handle inflammation and itchiness on dog that caused either by atopic dermatitis or allergic,

including contact allergy, food allergy, and flea allergy. The purpose of Apoquel is to provide relief over discomfort that caused by itchiness.



Apoquel is typically dosed based on the pet’s weight, but there is a minimum of 6 lbs. weight in order to digest the drug safely. This medicine should not be administered without receiving approval first from the vet and the given dosage must strictly follow the vet’s recommendation.

The recommended dosage in the following is merely serves as general guideline. To relief allergic and atopic dermatitis, Apoquel is given between 0.18 to 0.27 milligram/pound. It is administered two times a day for the first couple of weeks, then one time a day afterwards. Refrain from giving the Apoquel two times a day for too long.


Side Effects

Dog allergy medicine Apoquel side effects are yet to be known for sure, but it’s reputable to have formidable for short-term use with low risk. Some possible side effects that have been covered in scientific-based research are including diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, epidemic lumps, and anorexia. There is a chance that these might affect your dog even if the effects haven’t been extensively studied yet.

Apoquel can be consumed with or without food, but it is recommended to be administered with food to reduce chance of vomiting. For the meantime, dog allergy medicine Apoquel is a reliable relief for stubborn itchiness so your pet doesn’t have to unnecessarily suffer from the discomfort.

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