Cat Throwing up Undigested Food, the Reason Why Did They Do It

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Cat Throwing up Undigested Food, the Reason Why Did They Do It

In fact, a cat throwing up undigested food is something very hard to see and sometimes disgusting. However, it does happen and numerous cat owners will most likely experience this. Why cats are throwing up food like that? It is like their stomach is rejecting the food. Well, there are several causes to understand. Check more explanation in below section.


The Food Allergy

Of course, you cannot rule out food allergy when the cat is throwing up. Food allergy can definitely cause the cat to vomit as there is something in the food that cannot get processed by the body. Some of the most common food allergies to cats are including the allergy to diary and some sorts of nuts.

In addition, to make sure you know exactly what to feed the cat, you will have to get it to the vet and run some tests. The tests will determine whether or not it has allergy, and you can definitely feed it with the right type of food. It will keep the cat happy and healthy, as well as avoid the cat from throwing up every now and then.


The Cats are Eating Too Fast

As we know, cats tend to be greedy when it comes to meal or feeding time. They know there will be food in there and they eat everything too fast. Eating too fast can always cause cat throwing up undigested food because they let air getting inside the mouth, and then down to the trachea. It makes them choked and sick. Eventually, they will have to throw up to clear the airway.


Choking on Hairballs

Whether it is a younger cats or elderly cat vomiting undigested food, chocking on hairballs can always be the cause. Cats clean themselves by licking their legs and body. They swallow furs for sure, and inside, it forms hairballs. The hairballs, when they get big enough, can certainly choke the cats during feeding time and causing them to throw up.

Well, those causes are just the most common ones. They have nothing to do with severe health conditions. However, if your cats keep throwing up, it is better to see a vet as soon as possible. The vet will check the health condition of your cats thoroughly, and see if there is something wrong with the digestive system, or something that makes the cat throwing up undigested food.

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