Cerenia Dosage for Cats with Possible List of Side Effects

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Cerenia Dosage for Cats with Possible List of Side Effects

Knowing the right Cerenia dosage for cats to administer is important if your feline companion ever experiences vomit or motion sickness. Cerenia is commercial brand name for maropitant citrate. It is developed by Zeotis as a drug to block and bind receptor. The medicine has already approved by US FDA for dogs back in 2007 then followed by approval for cats in 2012. Now, it is a common medication prescribed by vets in most countries.

To give the right and safe dose of Cerenia for cats, you have to follow its instructions properly. Here is the general guideline of using this drug for your pets:


Cerenia is mainly prescribed for cats by vets to treat vomiting tendency that caused by motion sickness and the motion sickness itself. This antiemetic remedy contains suppression for substance P, which is a substance that leads to vomiting in animal’s brain.



Please remember that any general Cerenia dosage for cats guideline in the internet are merely recommendation and shouldn’t be replacement for specific advice from your personal vet. Veterinarians usually prescribe this drug in 1 mg/kg dosage according to the cat’s weight. It is around 0.45-0.5 mg/lb. It is typically recommended to be consumed once a day, but the number may vary according to your cat’s weight and the symptoms severity.

It is common to administer the medicine for pets prior to traveling as well. You might need to consult with the vet how long it must be taken in advance, but normally it’s recommended to be fed an hour before traveling. Always follow your vet’s instruction regarding administration and proper dosage, as well as the period length in-between taking the Cerenia. Thing to note: your pet is required to complete the entire medication course, even if their symptoms have clear up sooner than expected.


Side Effects

Cerenia side effects in cats comprised of salivation, lethargy, and diarrhea. In case your pet displays any allergic reaction sign after taken the drug like breathing problem or face swelling, or suffer from medication overdose, try to reach for veterinarian as soon as possible.

Cerenia is a great medication to prevent sudden vomit in your pets, as well to help them if they ever feel nauseous due to a particular reason. Please note that this drug has high level of potency, so you have to pay attention to the right Cerenia dosage for cats and use it for proper situations.

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