How to Bathe a Cat that Hates Water and Always Angry

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How to Bathe a Cat that Hates Water and Always Angry

The question of how to bathe a cat that hates water is always hard to answer. We do know that most cats hate water, and they despise bath time. They do not even like getting wet, let alone being placed in a bathtub full of water. This is why you need some tricks. Some of the best tricks you can use to get your angry, water-hating cats to bath time are written below.


Do NOT Chase Them Around

Cat taking a bath is indeed something horrid, both to the owner and to the cat itself. It will cause some drama of chasing the cats and force them to get inside the bath. Well, do not do this. Chasing the cats will agitate them, and you do not want this to happen. Just wait until they are calm and slowly bring them to the bathroom.


Use Lukewarm Water

Please understand that cats hate water. They probably do not like the coldness of the water. This is why using lukewarm water is the key on how to bathe a cat that hates water easily. Make sure the

temperature of water is just right to keep the cats from screaming their lungs away when being placed into the bath tub.


Drop the Cat Slowly

Sometimes, the owner is already done with everything and just throws the cats into the bathtub. Well, do not do this! The cats can get traumatized if it happens. You have to do it really slowly. Hold the cats by their cuff on the back. Then, slowly drop them to the bath tub, already filled with water, starting from the legs.


Apply the Shampoo Gently

Cats do not hate water when taking a bath. They hate everything. Yes, they do hate the shampoo and soaps as well. Therefore, when you use these products on cats, make sure you apply it gently and do not put the cat in pain. Use the cat shampoo that works specifically for feline.

Now, you know exactly how to get your cat into bath time calmly. You do not have to worry about dramatic, full-of-screaming bath time anymore. One thing for sure: the cat has to be in a really good mood for this. Make sure the cat is not surrounded by agitations as it will make everything worse. The key on how to bathe a cat that hates water easily is to keep it happy first.

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