Cerenia for Dogs Upset Stomach: Is it Safe?

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Cerenia for Dogs Upset Stomach

Using cerenia for dogs upset stomach is always a sort of debate among the dog owners. Cerenia is one of the types of medication that will help the dogs with upset stomach. The drug is sold freely, and you can get it in drugstores or any pharmacies. However, is it really safe for the dog? Read more information about it below. It should help you to understand Cerenia even better.


What FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Says about Cerenia

One of the methods to determine whether or not a sort of drug is safe is by taking a good look on the FDA decision to it. To Cerenia, indeed FDA has approved it as the safe drug that helps dog with upset stomach. Considering FDA has approved of this drug, and they say it is safe, we can at least believe the drug is not going to give any bad effects to the dog.


Side Effects Related to Cerenia

Every drug has side effect. It is including Cerenia of course. Some people who have tried the drug to their dog says there are several side effects when using cerenia for dogs upset stomach. The most common ones are including nausea and lack of appetite. However, this can be cured, though by getting the dog lots and lots water.

Besides, Cerenia can also cause the dog to experience severe drowsiness. It makes the dog less active. This is sometimes good as it gives time for the dog to get some rests and get the stomach to its proper condition. Always get to the vet to consult when the side effects seem to take too long to fade.


Should I Give Cerenia to My Dog?

The conclusion is probably YES. The drug is deemed as safe, even by the FDA. However, it is always suggested that bringing your dog to the vet is the best step here. When the dog gets upset stomach and it seems like in a lot of pain, take no risk and bring the dog to the vet. Your pet will probably need more drugs than just cerenia tablets for dogs.

Always remember the digestive system of a dog is quite prone. What appears to be like a pain stomach could be something worse than it. Upset stomach will just go away when the owner using cerenia for dogs upset stomach, but for the best result, always get to the vet.

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