Dog Puking and Diarrhea: How to Solve It Properly?

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dog puking and diarrhea

You may see the dog puking and diarrhea regularly. Having puking is common for dogs. It happens after they eat something not good in the stomach. Parasite and stress are other factors why your pets start vomiting. This situation is similar to diarrhea because it is the most common disease for dogs and cats. The situation is different when both come together. If this happens only once, you do not need to worry too much. However, if the diarrhea does not stop, and the puking becomes severe, you must take action immediately.


The first thing to do is finding the causes. It is not easy thing, but most owners can do simple examination. Check the dog’s stomach, mouth, face, and feces. Mostly, vomiting happens due to foods. Some dogs cannot digest certain ingredients. In this case, you can check their feces. Other causes are bacteria, parasites, and virus. They can infect and affect the dog’s metabolism, especially in gastrointestinal and digestive tract. The easy way to spot this problem is from the dog’s attitude. Less active will be the significant signs for dog puking and diarrhea together.

More causes are toxic substances, organ failure, bowel inflammation, intestinal obstruction, stress, and anxiety. Dogs can get inflammation in their bowel. In this situation, they may feel pain and unease. The foods will come back, and vomit is inevitable. The worst case is diarrhea since the digestive system cannot precede the foods normally. The dogs also have risk for organ failure, such as in kidney and liver. Old dogs experience this kind of problem. Well, dog puking and diarrhea may also come from stress. Well, any situation that creates anxiety leads to significant risk for diarrhea and puking problem.



As dog owner, you must do anything to overcome this situation. Two problems come together, and the best option is to go to the vet. If it is only common vomiting or diarrhea, home remedies and some regular medicines can be the answer. You should start from reducing processed food, cleaning area, and creating less stress situation. The dogs will feel comfortable, and you do not have any issue to bring them to the vet.


Preventive measures

The treatment is on progress, but preventive measures are necessary to implement. You do not want your dogs have similar experience in the future, right? Check the menu for diet and add more fresh foods. It is the best starting point. After that, just keep the dogs in the comfortable place. This is something you must be done as early as possible to avoid dog puking and diarrhea.

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