How Long does a Dog’s Menstrual Cycle Last? What Dog Parents Should Know

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How Long does a Dog's Menstrual Cycle Last

Have you ever wondered how long does a dog’s menstrual cycle last, or maybe you don’t know that dogs do get their period? As a female canine dog parent, you should always be ready for their periods, which in medical terms known as estrus cycles. Since canines don’t have periods in the same way as human females do. Here is everything you should know about taking care of female dogs during the estrus cycles.


How Long does a Female Dog’s Menstrual Cycle Last?

Generally, female dogs have their first estrus cycle when they are already sexually matured, around the age of six months. During this menstrual cycle, their estrogen levels will increase and reduce sharply. Then their ovaries will release eggs in the form of blood.

So, how long does a dog’s menstrual cycle last? This estrus cycles generally last around three weeks, but it may vary from two to four weeks. Although the average age for a female dog’s estrus cycles is approximately six months, it may differ between female canines. Some may have a menstrual cycle at the age of four months, and some larger breeds may get periods at the age of two years.


How to Take Care of Dog’s Menstrual Cycle?

For economically yet also environmentally conscious dog parents, reusable diapers for dogs are the ideal option. Apart from coming with multiple layers, reusable diapers are also hand and machine washable. These reusable diapers also come in a wide range of sizes and colors. However, some dog parents don’t really have much time to wash a washable dog diaper and prefer using disposable dog diapers. These types of diapers are also available for any size of breeds. Besides, these diapers are specifically designed to be comfortable, absorbent, and resistant to leaks.

Sometimes both options will not work for female dogs that have difficulty in keeping their diapers on. The ideal solution for this issue is purchasing a full-body dog diaper that is usually recommended by vets. These diapers are also available in many different sizes and colors and specifically designed to be highly secure. Apart from that, these full-body diapers are antimicrobial to keep the canines safe from any germ.

Being a female dog parent is not as easy as some might expect. Not only did it require a lot of expenses and time, but it also takes a particular requirement, significantly when the dog is sexually matured and gets periods. Therefore, it’s essential to know ‘how long does a dog’s menstrual cycle last’, so you will understand what you must do to take care of your canine.

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