When to Vaccinate Puppies and How to Arrange the Schedule

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When to Vaccinate Puppies and How to Arrange the Schedule

As the dog owner, knowing when to vaccinate puppies is mandatory. You want to keep your pets out of issue related with worm, virus, and bacteria, right? The most effective method is vaccination. As you know, keeping the pets such as dog in today era is different from years ago. Now, people treat their dogs better and try to get the best treatment. Due to natural characteristic of this pet, some health issues and diseases will come and infect. Therefore, preventive method like vaccination is the best option at all.

Time to vaccinate puppies

It is necessary to vaccinate your dogs since puppies. Based on study and expert’s advice, this process should start after the puppies are six to eight weeks. Their immune is more stable, and it is the preliminary condition to withstand vaccine. They will get distemper and parvovirus.

After the first vaccines, the next schedule will be two weeks later. The puppies will receive DHPP for several illnesses. Moreover, the owner can request some additional vaccines, such as influenza, bordetella, and leptospirosis. Those are optional as long as the main one is already added.


Vaccination schedule

You need to know schedule for when to vaccinate puppies. Before 12-18 months, the puppies must get more vaccines. It starts with DHPP when the puppies are 16 weeks old. It is the same shot from previous schedule. The dog owner must know that the same vaccine is necessary to administer several times based on specific period. After the age reaches 18 weeks, puppies should receive rabies vaccine. More DHPP will come every one year, but you can extend per two years. The puppy and dog also get rabies vaccine per three years. Others will adjust with the situation and condition. You should consult with the vet and prepare the schedule based on your dog’s breed, age, sex, and weight.


Adult dogs

The vaccine is treatment to boost immune system, so the dogs cannot get certain disease. In general, this procedure must be scheduled regularly. The dog owners with highly awareness will understand this issue. However, most adult dogs are lack of vaccine, except they are sent to the shelter. You cannot do such thing for your own dogs. The shots for adult dogs must start from puppy vaccination schedule.



If you love your pet, money is not issue. Of course, having more vaccines means you should pay extra. This is interesting situation because some owners allocate enough budgets, so their pets can live without diseases. It is preventive measure as a shield. In fact, you should pay significant money for dog treatment when having a disease. That’s why knowing when to vaccinate puppies is really important.

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