Dog Scratching Home Remedies: 4 Tips to Stop the Itch

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Dog Scratching Home Remedies

You jumped to the right page if you are hoping to get some information related to dog scratching home remedies. Dog loves scratches, but if it starts to scratch itself pretty often, you may think there is something wrong. It may be fleas becoming such parasites, an allergy, or something like a fungal infection. Whatever the cause is, itch causes a lot of discomfort for your canine friend.

Scratching is a natural response to an itch, both in humans and animals. If you regularly bathe your dog but it still deals with the itch, you can help to relieve it by using these dog scratching home remedies below.

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Plain and sugar-free yogurt

It can be said that skin problems can be rooted in the digestive system. The same thing goes to your dog as well. Since smearing this dairy product on your dog’s skin may cause more itch, you can feed your dog yogurt to ‘fix’ its digestive system. The anti-inflammatory feature of yogurt may lessen the itch your dog has, although it doesn’t directly affecting.


Apple cider vinegar

Again, it’s this versatile liquid. For humans, there are lots of apple cider vinegar’s benefits. One of those is to cure itch coming from a fungal infection, as suggested in nail fungus treatment home remedies. To use this acidic solution, you can follow these instructions below:

  • Have a spray bottle
  • Fill in the bottle with 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar. Mix this solution well.
  • Spray it on your dog’s itching area.
  • Give it a massage for a little bit

Well, you should need that the acidic feature of apple cider vinegar can cause a burning sensation in your dog’s skin. So, you should not apply it right after your dog’s scratch.


Coconut Oil

Another dog scratching home treatment is by applying cold, solid coconut oil to your dog’s itch. Coconut oil, just as apple cider vinegar has been known for its abundant benefits for skin health. It alleviates skin eczema and allergy itch. Your dog’s coat will also improve after applying this.


A good diet

Aside from fixing the problems from outside, the diet should be the main point that can help to cure dog itchy skin. Giving your loyal friend with dry pet food, especially those with a high concentration of wheat/gluten ingredients, will make your dog prone to allergy. Hence, you can swap the crunchy treats with raw food with high omega-3 fatty acids, which is mostly found in fishes.

Last but not least, you need to underline that all of these should be accompanied by a talk to your vet. Itchy skin in dogs is not a life-harming situation, but it should not be neglected as well. So, combining those dog scratching home remedies and a visit to the vet’s clinic can help to cure the itch faster.

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