Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy Peroxide: Safety and Instruction Details

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Dog ear infection home remedy peroxide

Dog ear infection home remedy peroxide is one of the many solutions out there if your canine friend is prone to the condition or often has plenty build-up of wax. After all, peroxide is a common element on over the counter drops solution. However, is it really an effective and safe way to clean the dog’s ears? Short answer is, the safety and effectiveness are still debatable amongst majority of vets. Here is why.

You may encounter many vets that agree with the use of hydrogen peroxide to clean the pet’s ears, with a condition that it is done under medical supervision. That being said, you should never wipe down your pet’s ears using hydrogen peroxide without discussing it with your vet first if ever you suspect the dog with yeast build up and have infection in the area.

Hydrogen peroxide has capability to kill some bacteria form that causes ear infection. It can lead to earache free condition for dog. So how to treat dog ear infection peroxide exactly? You have to mix one to one ratio between hydrogen peroxide and doctor as a solution. Simply wipe the ear canals of the dog by dipping the cotton ball. Keep in mind to never use pointed object such as q-tip as it carries the risk to damage their ear.

Hydrogen peroxide chemical form is H2O2. Some veterinarians are not really keen by the idea of using Dog ear infection home remedy peroxide to clean their ears. This is due to how the chemical works on the molecular level. You may have heard of bubbling sound as it enters ears. This means the H2O2 is working by killing both the bad and good bacteria. The extra oxygen molecules are released when it makes bubbling sound then leaves with only H2O (water). Now, water is an ideal place as it has warm and damp environment qualities for resistant bacteria to survive and thrive. It may lead to ear infection that’s more severe, which can lead to ear damage or hearing loss.

Deciding to use this solution to treat the pet’s ear conditions might be overwhelming and confusing. It has some benefits, but also some risks. Discussing with your vet about the tailored treatment that will suit with your pup is the best way to determine if this particular course of action is possible to do. At the meantime, there are plenty of other safe products that might be more suitable than Dog ear infection home remedy peroxide.

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