What to Feed a Constipated Dog and Get Them Out of the Pain

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What to Feed a Constipated Dog and Get Them Out of the Pain

The question of what to feed a constipated dog is always in pet owner’s mind when they see their dog cannot do the number two very well. Dog can often get constipation as numerous things are capable to cause them, including wrong type of food to eat and lack of exercise. So, how’s to deal with a constipated dog and what to feed them? The answers are down below for you to read.

Dog Stool Softeners

The first thing you have to think about when getting the question of what to feed a constipated dog is dog stool softeners. It is like the kind of pain medication for the dogs that can also help soften the stool and get them out of the body. The dog should be able to take nice and easy bowel movement after taking the softener.


Lots and Lots of Water

The key to end constipation is drinking lot of water inside the body. Get the dog’s body rehydrated and the stool will come out easily. This is why getting the dog to drink water is the key here. Let the dog drink every half an hour or so to make sure that the water intake in the body is sufficient enough and they won’t have problem with constipation from now on.



Pumpkin is one of the best veggies to give to a dog when they are constipating. The pumpkins are soft and delicious. They are also the source of water and natural softener for the stool. Do not add oil or roast the pumpkin with oil. Instead, just boil or steam them before giving it to the dog. It is generally healthier for the remedy of constipation.


Milk with Magnesia

Milk for dog constipation is often chosen as remedy. It is not wrong at all as the right type of milk can ease the digestive system and help ending the constipation. The right type of milk here is the one containing magnesia or magnesium. It can help soften the stool and making the digestive system soother.

Those are some of the best types of food you should give you dog and help the constipation to end. Basically, if your dog is still suffering even after every attempt you did for the problem, the answer is to bring the dog to a vet. It should help them resolve the problem quickly and get the dog out of their misery. This is why understanding what to feed a constipated dog is a needed information here.

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