Flea Treatment for Kittens 8 Weeks and How to Do It

Flea Treatment for Kittens 8 Weeks and How to Do It

You need immediate action to implement flea treatment for kittens 8 weeks. Having flea is not good condition for kittens. Their body is small and fragile, so the condition can be severe when you do not do anything. The worst part is anemia because fleas drain the blood excessively. Even though the probability of death by flea is low, the kittens will experience discomfort and severe health issue. Furthermore, when one kitten has this issue, you may find all pets in your home will have the same problem. Therefore, you must act quickly and pick the right treatment.

  1. Checking
    The first step is how you know the flea on kittens. The answer is simple because you can see tiny bugs with brown feature. Even though you do not see them directly, fleas will leave the mark on skin, and the kitten will feel itching by that. After checking, you should know the best flea treatment for kittens.
  2. Combing the fur
    You can start combing the fur directly. This technique is the simplest one to eliminate the flea. Some of them will be caught and you can kill them immediately. Do this method several times until there are no visible fleas. Be careful when combing because the fur is soft. When doing this thing, you must keep the kitten closely. However, make sure the grip is loose. You do not want to press harder on the kitten body. Try combing from the top head to the back then reach the tail. You can also do on the left and right belly.
  3. Soap bath
    The next step for flea treatment for kittens 8 weeks is doing gentle bath with the soap you usually use for cleaning dish. This is the most critical moment because kittens do not like water. If you do the wrong thing, it may lead to traumatic situation. Firstly, you should exercise how the bath will go. Prepare warm water and enough space for kitten. After that, the soap has to be free fragrance. You only need to put the body inside the bath and keep the head out of water. Start adding soap to the entire body and rinse it quickly. This process must be done in less than 3 minutes.
  4. Extra precaution
    You can use clean towel to dry. Make sure everything is clean and dry completely. The next step is to check the place where the kittens eat and sleep. Throw away everything and clean immediately. Add new blanket for comfortable bed. Extra precaution is necessary as a part of flea treatment for kittens 8 weeks.

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