Dog Itching But No Fleas: The Reasons Why It Happens

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Dog Itching But No Fleas

The condition of dog itching but no fleas often happens and frustrates the owners. When the dog is itching and looking uncomfortable, usually the owner will suspect the cause to be fleas. However, after being checked and no fleas found, what should you do? Down below there are several reasons why the dog is itching even though there is no flea under their furs.

  1. “Winter” Itching
    The most common reason why dog itching but no fleas is because the “winter” itching is happening. That is the condition during colder season like winter that causes the skin of the dog to get drier and drier. The key to get rid of the situation is to hydrate the skin of the dog as frequent as possible. You can use numerous types of moisturizer to do so.
  2. Food Allergy
    Before finding out the dog itching remedies, you need to figure out the cause and one of the causes is because food allergy. When the dog is allergic to certain kind of food and they are exposed to it, surely their body will react and mostly the reaction is itching. To prevent this, make sure that you know what your dog is allergic to and avoid giving them those foods.
  3. Boredom
    This may sound silly but yes, boredom can be one of the reasons why your dog keeps scratching their body when there is no flea around. When a dog is super bored, they either chew or scratch their body. This is why dogs are in need of activities. You can take them to walk or just get them some toys to keep them busy.
  4. Environment Intolerance
    The last reason here is the environmental intolerance. It happens a lot when a dog is just moved to a new place or a new environment. Sometimes, dogs cannot deal with dust, pollen, or even grass and weed. When they get exposed to it, they will get itchy and scratch their body uncontrollably.

Now that you understand about dog itching and its other causes rather than fleas, you do not need to panic when the dog is displaying constant itching behavior. You just have to figure out the reason and get its solution. As itching can cause the skin of the dog to scratch and bleed sometimes, you need to make sure that you know how to deal with dog itching but no fleas situation.

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