Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats to Improve Cat Digestive Health

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Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats to Improve Cat Digestive Health

Natural hairball remedy for cats can be used to maintain the cleanliness of your cat. For your information, hairball on cat is not a sign of illness or other serious problem. Cats use their tongues to cleanse their body. The hair attached to tongue can be swallowed and enter the stomachs. It will come out in the form of hairball.

There are several treatments that can be done to your beloved cats. Here they are.

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Brushing is a preventative measure for hairball case. Regularly brushing your cat can remove its hair, which can cause hairball. In addition, it can add closeness to your cat. Time to brush is few minutes each day for the long-haired cat, while for short-haired cat; it can be brushed several times a week.

Adding fiber to cat food
In addition, cat also needs fiber in the food, just like humans. The fiber element in cat food can make it easier for hairball to come out of the stomach. Fiber is obtained from pumpkin powder sprinkled on cat food. In addition, it can also be obtained from fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and apples. In providing fiber intake, you need to consult with the veterinarian first.

Use lubricants
As alternative, use lubricants like one teaspoon of fish, flax oil, and safflower. It can coat the hairball of a cat, so it can easily come out of the cat’s stomach. There are other lubricants to use, such as gels that contain papaya, elm, and marshmallows. You can it to your cat once or twice a week. Natural hairball remedy for cats must be done well, so your cat’s health is maintained.

Meet the needs of water
Inadequate water intake makes the digestive system works harder, and hairball becomes more difficult to get out. Well, adequate water consumption can encourage hairball in cat’s stomach to come out, so the digestion system becomes healthier. Flowing water is the right choice, so the cat can meet the water needs. Drinking water is very important for cats, just like human. It is needed to moistures the digestive organs.

Most hairballs are harmless, but you still need to be aware of danger signs, for example when the cat vomits, loses appetite, and stops defecating. If this happens, and you already have done the natural hairball remedy for cats, you should immediately go to the vet.

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