Crating a Puppy at Night for Training, Comfort, and Safety

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Crating a Puppy at Night for Training, Comfort, and Safety

You can bring new puppy at home, but you may have issue related to crating a puppy at night. People think a crate is not suitable for dog. The owner should prepare other places for the dent and comfort area. However, a crate is necessary when a puppy is still new, and it has lot things to learn. You can use a crate for several purposes, and make sure it is comfortable.

Toilet training
The most common purpose when you do crating a puppy at night is toilet training. As new pet, a puppy experiences disturbance because of location and situation change. First five months are crucial time for learning about the owner and rule. With a crate, you can keep the puppy in the right place with toilet nearby. This is not simple task, but very necessary. If the dog does not learn early, the owner will have trouble in the future. Knowing where to do its business is important task. Toilet training requires time and effort. In this case, rating is the reliable method for such purpose.


Sleeping time no playtime
You like your new puppy. You play every time, but the night will come and playtime is over. In fact, the owners often have the temptation to bring the dog into their bed. This is not good choice for a puppy. Instead of sleeping, you will end up playing again. At first, a crate is necessary to separate a puppy with the owner at night. The puppy must know that the night is time for sleeping. To make this task easier, you should exhaust its energy, and do not give other foods or snack. With this method, your puppy will know about human bed routine. In the morning, you can come to a crate and open it directly. Make sure you get up early before your puppy. It should be done as crate training puppy first night.


Safety and comfort
Crating is useful for safety and comfort. You should prepare this place with high quality material and reliable design. A puppy will go straight to the crate when the place is comfortable. You should make sure everything is available. The design, size, and material have the high standard and durability.

Crating is necessary for dog, especially a puppy. This animal is still young, and as the owner, you have responsibility to do training. With the crate, you can start with basic, which is toilet training. After that, you need to encourage the puppy to enter a crate during nighttime and sleep immediately. That’s what you should know about crating a puppy at night.

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