Notice Cat Hairball Stuck Symptoms and How to Prevent It

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Notice Cat Hairball Stuck Symptoms and How to Prevent It

Some cat owners may think that cat hairball stuck is harmless to their pets, but sometimes they can be extremely dangerous. It is essential for every cat owner to notice the signs that your beloved cat may be having hairballs stuck in their digestive system, and knowing what to do to help. Besides, there are several things that the cat owner can do to minimize the incident of having hairball stuck in their cats.

For new cat owners, they are utterly oblivious about cat hairball stuck and how hairball can be formed. First of all, the cat’s tongue is excellent tool for picking up the stray hairs and removing it from its body. If the cat can’t seem to spit the hair out, meaning it will swallow the hair with every lick of its tongue. Then, the hair gathers inside the cat’s digestive system into a tiny ball.

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Typically, the hairball can be passed out in the cat’s poo, and sometimes it can’t be passed out in a natural way, and the cat will vomit it up. If the hairball doesn’t come out, it can be dangerous to the cat. As the cat owner, you should be able to quickly identify cat hairball stuck symptoms to rescue your feline. Below are the symptoms that usually appear when a cat has hairball stuck in its guts:

  • The cat exhibits a dry cough repeatedly.
  • The cat always makes the sound of vomiting whenever it finished eating.
  • Some cats may look depressed and uninterested in food.

Whenever a cat shows the symptoms above, it is highly possible that the hairball has passed from its stomach into its intestine. It may cause the cat to become dehydrated, or worse malnourished.

If you think that your cat is suffering one of those symptoms, the first thing you can do to save your cat’s life is by giving it a hairball gel, which can be purchased at a pet store. Put the gel around the cat’s paw or lip, and it will absorb the substance by licking it. The gel will cover the cat’s digestive system, and help it to pass the hairball out.

As a cat owner, you can prevent such a mishap from happening. Regularly brushing your cat’s hair is able to minimize the hair it swallows during the grooming process. Being cautious in choosing cat foods are also helpful as there are some cat foods made to help reduce hairball. You can also enhance your cat’s fiber consumption. Always keep your house clean will also be very helpful to prevent a cat hairball stuck.

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