iKuddle Review as the Practical and Smart Litter Box for Every Pet Owner

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iKuddle Review as the Practical and Smart Litter Box for Every Pet Owner

iKuddle review below is going to help you to decide, whether this smart device is worth to buy or not. As much as how wonderful cat is as companion as comfort in the stressing time, it can be a hassle for you to clean pick up their waste manually. Having to scoop their poop regularly is a daily task that honestly looked forward by no one. Using a litter box is one of the solutions over this problem.

So, what sets the iKuddle apart from others? What makes it deemed as smart, automatic, and powerful little box? Here are the answers regarding its features:

Automatic cleaning
iKuddle can do self-cleaning by separating cat’s waste from the clean litter. This feature is activated automatically half an hour after the cat gets out of the box, by raking in the lumps into waste bag. Press the button on the litter box to initiate the cleaning cycle, or you can your iKuddle app to adjust default time of self-cleaning.

Air sterilize system
The device has built-in system of air sterilizing to get rid of unpleasant odors. Five minutes after the cat leaves the box, the carbon filter will work to eliminate 80-90% of odors inside. This system of deodorizing can be activated manually by pressing button on the litter box or by using the iKuddle application.

Health tracking
A change in bathroom and eating habits are early signs of health change conditions. You can keep track and monitor your cat’s habits by using iKuddle application. The app also offers information about the cat’s health, as well as allows you to view cat’s schedules such as feeding time and others.

iKuddle is first being launched on Kickstarter with original target of $30,000 – but has earned over $850,000 since then. There are a lot of positive iKuddle review comments online because it is able to solve the problem for people who hate scooping litter box. This smart device makes the whole taking care of pet becomes easier and free from hassle.

The iKuddle litter box review reveals so much of its appeal. The tool can recognize oddities in your cat lifestyle, such as whether it has eaten or drank enough, or if the waste contains something that raise suspicions. According to plenty of iKuddle review, the user can activate it without using manual management, so you can have more free time instead of spending it to scoop your cat’s waste.

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  1. Ordered Ikuddle back in July of 2020 and still do not have it and they now are not answering why? Its a crying shame when people decide scams are the way to go!!!