NexGard Seizures on the Cats and Dogs after Medication

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Nexgard Seizures on the Cats and Dogs after Medication

Pet owners start having hectic situation when nexgard seizures happen. If you are one of them, it is better for relaxing your mind. Having proper knowledge will be useful and helpful to avoid uncertainty situation. The seizures are reported more than thousand cases that show the side effect of this drug. On the other hand, manufacturer also gives explanation why the dogs have seizures. For your information, this drug is pesticide, which means there is probability for affecting the neurologic and digestive system. Here is the explanation.

Nexgard Seizures on the Cats and Dogs after Medication

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Neurologic issue

Having seizure is only one of common symptoms that your dogs are in the neurologic issue. It is like your nerve does not work properly. Other signs are tremor and loss of coordination. The dogs cannot walk properly for maintaining their balance. This situation mostly occurs after the dogs consume certain dogs that may induce the nerve system. As owner, you must know this condition, and prepare the further treatment. Moreover, you must consult to the vet, and see what the best solution for the nexgard seizures.


Flea and tick treatment

Nexgard is one of drugs for treating the flea and tick on the dogs. You can put this drug into dog’s food or water then they will consume it directly. From this point, the drug will go inside the body to reach digestive tract. This is when you must pay attention for the flea treatment. After the drug is dissolved, the treatment is started, and the dog might have uneasy feeling. This situation looks normal if the dogs are in good health, except flea is around them. On contrary, some dogs have low immune system. If this condition is mixed with flea or tick, it will lead to the worse side effect. That’s why you should check the latest health condition; even this drug is only for precaution.


Preventive measures

You can do several preventive measures for lowering nexgard seizures in dogs. The simplest way is to administer the nexgard based on instructions. Manufacturer knows that excess drug will have bad effect. That’s why the instruction becomes important. You cannot give more than what it should be.

From the explanation above, you understand some people may have issue when giving the nexgard and other flea treatments. This kind of drug is pesticide that you put for the pet. The cats and dogs often have flea issue that must be treated carefully. You just follow the procedures, and the nexgard seizures will not happen.

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