Simparica Seizures and Reports Related to This Condition

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Simparica Seizures and Reports Related to This Condition

As dog owner, you must aware about simparica seizures when consuming this medication. Before exploring more about this topic, you should understand what this medication and how the seizures happen. In general, seizures are side effect that occurs when the dogs have this medication without proper dosage and administration. Manufacturer claims that the dog is safe for long-term consumption as long as the owner administers the proper dosage. On the other side, you only give simparica for dog with age at least 6 months. Puppy, pregnant dog, and other conditions are highly dangerous for having this one. Here are the important points you should understand about this medication.


Dosage and administration

You can give it to your dogs as chewable tablet, which means they will consume and digest it directly. Based on official information, simparica is for treatment related to the flea and tick. Well, the flea and tick will be dissolved immediately after the dogs consume this medication properly. The dosage depends on the dog weight and age. Small dog will take at least 5 tablet. Bigger one will need more 5 tablets even reach up to 100. You do not need to worry about the dosage and instruction because the guideline is available.


Side effects

The contra indication is important to know before you utilize the simparica. Some reports showed the dogs could have simparica seizures. Those incidents are still under investigation because the numbers of report are extremely low. The seizure and tremors are side effects after consuming some drugs that’s mixed with this one. On the other side, manufacturer provides the evidence based report that the dog will not have side effect even though you may add vaccine and some other drugs at the same time. If your dogs have seizure, you must be careful when giving treatment. Go to local vet and check the dog digestive condition first.


Safety and treatment

This product kills the flea and tick, which mean you give pesticide to the dogs. In normal form, any pesticide is highly sensitive and dangerous even for human. On the other hand, the dogs have immune system and ability to neutralize the side effect, although the seizure is the worst situation to come. In general, simparica seizures percentage is not enough for valid conclusion.  For preventive measure, you only need to give simparica when the flea and tick are started infecting your pets.

Some people also ask whether this medication is good for cats or not. From the dosage, you can tell the small dogs only requires little portion. If the cats are measured by dog weight, you should give according to the weight ratio. However, simparica seizures might happen often for the cats due to different metabolism.

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  1. I am concerned whether this medication will or could cause an ongoing condition. If the dog has seizures, or other side effects, could it be permanent?