Doody Digger Pooper Scooper with Ergonomic Design and Simple Mechanism

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper with Ergonomic Design and Simple Mechanism

The dog owner must have doody digger pooper scooper. This tool is for scooping poop that lays around the ground, soil, and sand. When using this one, you just keep it firm on the handle, and let this scooper reaches the intended object. There is no worry about the pain or leak. Scooping will go straight to bag. Moreover, you can use any bag as long as it is firm and solid for holding the poop.


Strong and lightweight structure

This scooper is different from regular one because it has strong and lightweight structure. You can bring it anywhere, and the scooper is still in good condition. You may hold it firmly when scooping. It is lightweight to move around from one spot to another. You can clean not only the dog poop, but also anything you do not like that lay around the ground.


Ergonomic design

One reason why you choose this scooper is ergonomic design. It has vertical design with handle and scooping hole at the bottom.  The bag is attached on the other side where you can attach properly before scooping. You can get the pool, and flip this scooper vertically. The things you get will transport into the bag immediately. This ergonomic design ensures the scooping is not difficult and exhausted task anymore. For your information, it is also called dog poop vacuum with manual mode.


No direct touch

Another benefit for having doody digger pooper scooper is no direct touch. Your hand is at the handler, and then you can scope it directly through one hole then pass the long pipe until reaching the bag. From this point, there is no touch you should make. Moreover, you do not need the glove as long as your hands are in the right position. As you know, the poop has strong odor and high toxic compound. Some people still use old method by using the glove then grab poop directly. That is not hygiene way when handling the dog poop. You must use proper tool and this product is the best option you should have.


Recycled material

Manufacturers use recycled material for producing this product. In that case, the production becomes eco-friendly with less unnecessary compound. The material is polyethylene which is durable for handling the sensitive job.

From explanation above, you know why this tool is much recommended. The design and materials are dedicated for scooping anything, especially the dog and cat poop. You can use it regularly and keep the environment clean. Moreover, the material is from recycled compound, which means the company reduces the waste significantly. That’s what you should know about doody digger pooper scooper.

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