Quickfinder Dog Nail Clippers to Easily and Safely Cut Your Dogs’ Nails

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Quickfinder Dog Nail Clippers to Easily and Safely Cut Your Dogs’ Nails

Dogs nail should be cut regularly, and you will need quickfinder dog nail clippers for this job. When you let the nails grow longer, it will be harmful for you and your dogs. The nails can grow bigger and sharper, so your pet may unconsciously scratch you or certain parts of your house. With longer nails, they may hurt their body during scratching the skin. That is why it is highly necessary to do the job although it may seem simple. In doing the task, it is great to have useful tool to help you.

Quickfinder Dog Nail Clippers to Easily and Safely Cut Your Dogs’ Nails

The Quickfinder becomes recommended products to choose. It is helpful since it can give you easy way to cut the nails. You will find that the quality of cutting results will not be too different from what you may get when you bring the dogs to the grooming salon or vet. There are some reasons that can make it great product to help you:


Quicksensor technology 

As its name, quickfinder dog nail clippers has good sensor needed during the cutting process. The sensor can detect the location or layer of quick. This is a sensitive layer in the area of nail and it has nerves and blood vessels. By having the Quicksensor, you will not need to be afraid if you accidentally cut the quick. Since it is part of nerve endings and there is blood, your dogs can get painful sensation when the quick is cut. By having the sensor you are able to easily avoid and cut the nails safely.



When you see the quickfinder medium dog nail clippers has three indicator lights. The lights are red, yellow, and green. When the indicator shows red light, you cannot continue cutting the nail since it is going to make your dog painful. When yellow light is turned on, you have to cautious and careful. It will be safe when you cut the nails when the indicator light shows green color. When this light appears, it means that your dogs are fully safe and they will not find any pain when the nails are cut.


Guillotine cutting 

It does not work in the same way as scissors or knife. In fact, it uses the mechanism of guillotine. When you hear this, you may think that it is not safe for your dog. In fact, it is not a big problem. It can be more effective than other nail cutter. Guillotine system gives better precision and the effectiveness in cutting nails is improved.

The nail clippers have two models, and these are based on the size of dogs. There is small and medium size. It will be more effective when you can pick the right size. Then, you should pay attention more to the nail condition since the quickfinder dog nail clippers cannot cut dense nails easily.

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