Facts about Apoquel and Cancer that Dog Owners Need to Know

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Apoquel and cancer

The topic about Apoquel and cancer is often talked about among dog owners. There are rumors that this medicine product for dogs can cause cancer and claim their lives. Is it true? Find out everything about it down below. The explanation of what Apoquel is to the answer whether or not this product can cause cancer should be found down below.


What is Apoquel?

Apoquel is an allergy medicine for dogs. Dogs are often plagued with itchy skin and other discomforts caused by allergy. This medicine helps the dog owners to get rid of the uncomfortable pains and itchy from the dogs just in less than 4 hours. This medicine is highly effective and will keep the dog happy and healthy.


Does Apoquel Cause Cancer?

Here’s the main question. Are Apoquel and cancer really associated? Well, it is not 100% true. The medicine is supposed to heal allergic reaction but some of the side effects of the product is including the worsening of cancer. When the dog is already having cancer, giving this medicine makes the cancer cells grow faster. However, if your dog is cancer-free, you do not have to worry about the dog developing cancer at all.


How to Safely Give Apoquel to Dogs?

To avoid Apoquel overdose, you must understand how to give the allergy medicine safely to your dog. The basic rule to remember is not to give the medicine to a dog under 1 year old. The dosage will be different from one dog to another as it will heavily depend on the weight of the dog. That is why contacting a vet is always recommended before giving the medicine to dogs.


Side Effects of Apoquel Besides Cancer

There are a few side effects of this allergy medicine besides causing cancer to get worse. They are including appetite loss and increased aggression. If the dosage of the medicine is not correctly given to the dog, they can also experience nausea, vomiting, and ear infections, too.

It is now quite clear that the allergy medicine product is not going to cause cancer. If your dog is cancer free before you give them Apoquel, the possibility of that dog developing cancer is very slim. This is why you should not worry about trying to reduce the allergy itching from dogs using the product. Apoquel and cancer is a probability but it won’t easily happen.

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