Rattlesnake Vaccine for Humans and How Does It Work

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rattlesnake vaccine for humans

This time, you should know about rattlesnake vaccine for humans since snake venom can kill the animal and human Research showed this venom would hit human body in less than hours. It paralyzes, so the rest of body cannot move. The worst condition is the death immediately. One of snakes with deadliest venom is rattlesnake. People often ask if there is any snake vaccine for humans. The answer will be explained in the following sections.

Vaccine for pets

Before exploring more about this topic, you must know the way the vaccine works. In general, the vaccine has one purpose to increase the immune system. It comes from inactive venom or virus that’s injected to the body. Immune system will react and create antibody to fight that new serum. However, the vaccine cannot infect due to lack of this capability. Well, vaccine is available for pets and human.

For pet, rattlesnake vaccine is the first thing to be available. Pets like cats and dogs have high immune system. Unlike human, dogs can withstand this venom for few hours and alive after the quick treatment. With vaccine, this capability and mortality rate increase significantly. One issue is whether the vaccine becomes possible for protection or not. It takes long research and experience until the vaccine is ready.


Vaccine for humans

After the experiment shows promising result in pets or animal, it is time to implement into rattlesnake vaccine for humans. People ask about possibility for human taking rattlesnake vaccine. In general, the probability is still unknown, but human body can accept vaccine as long as it is in low level. One common problem is the type of rattlesnake that bites human. This is not single species which live in the wild. On contrary, rattlesnake consists of several species, and each has different venom level. Usually, big snake is less harm and the small one is the most dangerous. It brings into the next question which snake that the vaccine can handle.


Vaccine development

As it mentioned above, rattlesnake antivenom for humans is still in development stage. This is not something you can get in the next five years. It takes decades until the vaccine is tested and qualified. Moreover, rattlesnake has various venoms, and the lowest one is starting point before trying the deadliest one.

Besides vaccine, preventive measures are the best method when the snake bites your body. Avoid spring and summer vacation in dangerous area since the snake is active during mild weather and encounter human. Rattlesnake vaccine for humans is only for temporary measure to prevent mortality.

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