Kitten Conjunctivitis and Some Information Needed By the Pet Owner

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kitten conjunctivitis

There are many cases happened on your lovely kittens, and kitten conjunctivitis is one of them. Kittens are considered as prone or sensitive to certain health issues. The kittens are still so young and have some problems in the immune systems. Unfortunately, the conjunctivitis is not kind of health issues to be taken lightly. It should get concern since it is about eyes and it will affect the comfort of your lovely kittens.

Some points to know about the kitten conjunctivitis

Eyes become the important organs for your kittens. The pets will need to see and in the early stage of growth, kittens love to move and it will be so uncomfortable when there is problem in the eyes. As the pet owners, you may also feel pity on your pet when you find the problems. That is why it is important to see some important points regarding the conjunctivitis.

1. Causes of conjunctivitis
When talking about conjunctivitis, it deals with eh inflammation around the eye lining. The inflammation does not occur on the eye balls, but this problem happens on the tissue. The tissue is inflamed because of the virus. The viral infection brings the problem. The virus itself can come from various places, even from other infected cats.

2. Treatment for conjunctivitis
In this case, you cannot solve the kitten conjunctivitis by yourself. Whenever you see reddish eyes or uncommon problems on the kitten eyes, you should see the vet a soon as possible. Your veterinarian will conduct the complete checking to make the diagnosis. Even it is not always conjunctivitis, it is always better to let the vets solve the problems.  For the treatment, there will be ointment and other medication. As the pet owner, you should give the proper medication as recommended by the vet.

3. Preventive action
In term of kitten conjunctivitis prevention, there are many kinds of ways. One of them is to always check your kitten condition. The virus will not suddenly create the conjunctivitis, so it is necessary to check the eyes. Then, keeping clean environment is important. It is not only for the kitten’s eyes, but this can be beneficial for the whole health.

Those are some information that you should know about your kitten’s eyes. The conjunctivitis attacks the eyes and it should get the proper attention and treatment. By having some points of prevention, it will also help you to avoid the health issues, so there will be less possibility of the kitten conjunctivitis.

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