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kitten conjunctivitis

Kitten Conjunctivitis and Some Information Needed By the Pet Owner

There are many cases happened on your lovely kittens, and kitten conjunctivitis is one of them. Kittens are considered as prone or sensitive to certain health issues. The kittens are still so young and have some problems in the immune systems. Unfortunately, the conjunctivitis is not kind of health issues to be taken lightly. It…

dogs breath smells like fish

Dog’s Breath Smells like Fish: Understanding the Cause and Treatment

Why dog’s breath smells like fish? Is there something wrong about your dog? Have you as of late sniffed that your dog’s breath smells of a peculiar, not-so-pleasant scent? Many pet owners describe their dog’s foul puffing as “a fishy smell”. What exactly is this smell? There are numerous reasons as to why your dog…