Dog Eye Boogers and Some Problems Related to It

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dog eye boogers

In some occasions, you will find dog eye boogers. Actually, these are the discharge of dog’s eye and there is nothing to worry about these. It is the natural response from the dogs when they clean the eyes. However, when you find boogers are bigger and different from what you usually find, it is important to give special attentions.

There are actually many kinds of causes of the eye boogers on your dogs. On the other cases, the eye boogers can also become some indications of serious health issues on the dog eyes. That is why it is important to know some causes and health issues related to the boogers.

1 Allergies
The first cause of dog eye boogers is allergies. The excessive boogies can happen when your dogs have some allergies and these may affect the eyes. There can be many kinds of causes that trigger the allergies; even dusts can be the trigger. Mostly, the allergies make the boogies and there are also runny eyes or red eyes.

2. Conjunctivitis
The next point regarding the uncommon dog eye boogers is the conjunctivitis. When it happens, you will not only find the eye boogers. However, you will also find redness on the eyes. The redness is not only on the eye, but also on the skins around the eyes. When you find this problem, you should find vet as soon as possible. Conjunctivitis cannot be taken lightly. It creates inflammation and it can become worse. That is why it is better to check the vet even if it is not always cause of conjunctivitis.

3. Epiphora
When you find strange eye boogers on your dog, it may also be epiphora. Actually, the main symptom is the excessive boogers, yet you will find teary eyes and bed smells coming from the area of eyes. These will also be followed by irregular boogers. These should also get proper treatment from vet before things get worse.

Those are some problems related to the eye boogers on your dogs. Generally, when you find boogers, there is nothing special to do. However, you may also clean the eyes by using warm washcloth. The warm water will easily clean the boogers, even the dried boogers, so your dogs will feel comfortable while you are cleaning the eyes. Of course, when any of those problems or signs appears, you should see the vet as soon possible, so things will not get worse. Of course, it can solve all solutions regarding the dog eye boogers.

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