Homemade Dog Breath Freshener That Will Make Your Doggy Breath Fresher

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Homemade Dog Breath Freshener

Sometimes, you may need to have homemade dog breath freshener. This can be helpful in case you often find bad smell from your dogs. The pups cannot take peppermint candies and other freshener to give fresh breath. That is why it should be you to make the dog treats with good ingredients to make your dog’s breath fresher.

When you want to buy the dog treats, you will find some products. Most of pet shops usually provide you with the treats and other solutions to get better doggy breath. However, it is better when you can make the treats by yourself. When you need some ideas, these are the references for you.

1. Cheese and mint dog biscuits

Cheese and mint dog biscuitsIt may sound like bad taste of biscuits to have both cheese and mint. However, these are not for you, yet these are for your lovely doggies. In order to make the treats, you can find some ingredients and they are easy to make. At least, you will need cheddar cheese and mint as the main ingredients. Then, you will also need whole wheat flour, eggs, oil, and water. The other steps are like making the biscuits.

2. Mint peanut butter

Mint peanut butterThe next idea of homemade dog breath freshener has nice taste of peanut butter. It will be combined with the fresh taste and smell from mint. The ingredients are peanut butter, peppermint essential oil, baking soda, eggs, and skim milks. This will give you great biscuits that your dog cannot deny.

3. Pup breath mints 

Pup breath mints The next option of homemade dog treat freshener will also become nice reference. This will have parsley and peppermint as the main ingredient to give fresh breath. Parsley is necessary for the better health since it has antibacterial agents. For the treat, you will need oats, chopped parsley and mint, egg, coconut oil, and also water. Then, these can be cooked as the ways of making cookies.

Those are some good references of home dog treats that can solve your problems. The entire dog treats ideas use the simple ingredients and you can find them easily since they are ingredients of common cookies for human. Of course, these are easy to make. Then, you may make them into some shapes that can make your dog attracted to eat the treats. Of course, these all can give you solutions for bed smell of your dogs. With the homemade dog breath freshener, surely your dogs can kiss you and you will not find bad smell anymore.

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