Dog Eye Drops Conjunctivitis Medication and How to Apply It

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If you spot redness on your canine pet’s eyes, you may need to apply dog eye drops conjunctivitis medication. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation that happened to white part of the eyeball or the conjunctiva. Since the dog’s eye is different from human’s eye, the conjunctiva is usually not really visible and can be hard to detect. Symptoms like puffy eyelids, watery and swelling eyes, crustiness, lots of discharge, and excessive blinking can help you to identify conjunctivitis. If your vet has confirmed that indeed your dog has caught it, they will prescribe eye drops. Here are few basic steps on how to administer the dog eye drops for conjunctivitis at home.

1. Prepare well
The first step is to read the medication’s instruction carefully in order to follow the direction of the veterinarian or the eye drop manufacturer. You have to read not only the bottle, but also the literature that included in the medication package for the maximum result.

If there is discharge in the area around your dog’s eyes, you should clean it with eyewash solution before applying the eye drop.

2. Keep your dog under control
Secure your dog with sterile hands. Ask help from family or friend if necessary, so you can use both of your hands to get the drops into the dog’s eyes. If there is no one to help, hold the dog between your knees or place him on table. Hold him with your right arm and use your left hand to handle the dog’s head. Then by using your right hand, hold the eye drop container. Remember to do it properly and carefully so the restrain won’t hurt your dog.

3. Apply the medication
Place your hand on the dog’s chin and lift it upward. If you’re using the left hand, then use it to pull the eyelid of the affected eye. Your right hand should hold the medication, and administer the drops into the eye. To apply the dog eye drops conjunctivitis medication, squeeze the eye drops into the eye carefully. Allow him to blink and move around while you’re letting him go slowly. By moving around, the eye drops will be spread evenly and help it to become more effective.

There are few reasons that could cause the conjunctivitis. Some of them are allergy, eye injuries, virus, parasite, or even cancer. Once you begin the treatment, you can expect improvement in few days. For a full recovery, wait patiently for about three weeks. After the dog eye drops conjunctivitis medication are administered, your dog will almost instantly feel relieved.

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