How Long Can Cats Go Without Water and How to Prevent It

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How Long Can Cats Go Without Water and How to Prevent It

How long can cats go without water since water and food are supreme necessities for either animals or human?  Water is useful to keep up health by replacing the fluids when sweating or urinating. As cats also do those functions, thus it’s important that you need to provide your cats with water all the time.

Cats are desert animals means that they are originated come from desert climate. That’s why they are able to survive for few times without drinking water. Furthermore, some wild cats often get their water intake necessities from their bait.

When your kitty eat high calorie food intake, then they will waste more metabolic they have produced. It means that they also need drinking water to restore gone fluids to keep their health up. In fact, they will need to drink the water as much as food they eat. For your information, dry food generally contains twelve percent of water, while canned food contains eighty percent of water. Therefore, if you feed them with dry food, then you have to provide them more water.

If you want your felines survive any longer, you have to provide the proper amount of water and food along with appropriate nutrition. How long can cats go without water ?Approximately, they are able to stay alive up-to fifteen days just drinking water without eating food. When fifteen days have passed on, you may discover them from hunger causing them to experience kidney malfunction that can even life-threatening.

How long cats survive without water then? In general, they can survive for about two weeks without drinking water. It might not be the same at different water intake on each feline. In addition, drinking water regularly put in for the body’s cell just like the function of the foods. Without water intake, your kitties can only survive not more than four days. They can stay alive any longer in case they consume wet foods as well.

Moreover, it is essential to provide them with enough amount of water to make sure that they are not dehydrated. As you know, when they are getting dehydrated, their energy will be taken away. Furthermore, continuous dehydration can possibly lead to less fluid within the bloodstream as well as some organs can experience malfunction and drying out. Make sure to control them the water intake of your felines and observe some abnormal signs of dehydration may appear. You can also go to see a vet if necessary to know how long can cats go without water along with further medication.

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