What Age Do Cats Go Into Heat And How To Manage Them?

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What Age Do Cats Go Into Heat And How To Manage Them

What age do cats go into heat? Since your tabby is growing up, you may wonder on that question.  Just like human, tabbies are also experiencing a female life cycle which set up their bodies in favor of fertilization and then birth. This common life cycle in human is known as menstruation. Likewise, when it comes to a tabby, it is named estrus. When tabbies experience estrus, then they are named to go into heat. Hence, they are, in fact, hormonally approachable to either intercourse or reproduction. Besides, a tabby goes into heat even when it is in the late of kitten hood. That’s why it is important to get them spayed in case it gets pregnant.

During the fertile periods, estrus commonly happens in most female cats. What age do cats go into heat? The cycle starts when they are 4 months of age and will always prolong until they are spayed or bred. The cycle, furthermore, can actually last for days up to weeks. This process will actually be repeated each three weeks. When your felines are in heat, you may notice about different behavior on your felines like getting more active than before. Sometimes, you might find that they do howling in order to draw the attention of a likely suitor.

You may think that cats’ physical signs are the same with what most women experience during their period. However, it’s totally different as tabbies do not experience vaginal bleeding. If so, you should see a vet for deeper cure. Tabbies don’t experience physical signs during period like women such as cramps or other symptoms, regardless of their howling and attention needs in this cycle time.

You might notice that your tabbies lose their appetite when cats are in heat period, or they even lick their genital over and over again. They might also try to run away from home, getting away to find a suitor. These are usual actions for the period of heat.

In fact, a tabby in heat is actually hard to live with. Since the behavior in heat time is normal, don’t try to cure them. Spaying is considered as the safest yet permanent option to go for. Whilst they’re in heat, you can try to keep them comfortable. You can start by giving them pillows or toys they can tear up when they are in estrus period. Nevertheless, if they look shooting up and turn out to be bothersome, you can opt for some herbs to relieve stress. By knowing what age do cats go into heat you will be able to know how to manage them in appropriate way.

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