Food Names For Cats and Why Do You Pick Them

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Food Names For Cats and Why Do You Pick Them

Naming your cat is interesting thing to and you can choose food names for cats. Why do you choose this kind of name? Some people just like their cat with cute sound and food names have ton of that kind of words. For example, you can call cat as Pie or Ginger. Pie is favorite food with delicious taste. People like it, especially cat owner himself. For ginger, cat might have ginger fur and this name is completely suitable. Both are examples of why food name becomes top choice if intend to call your cat with cute sound.

Foods have many varieties such as cakes, food ingredients, vegetables and fruits, and commercial name. One of favorite name type is fruit. As you know, fruit is type of food to get healthy nutrient. Beside cute sound, you want to get healthy relationship at all. Fruit represents joyfulness, nature, healthy, delightful, and inspiring. Examples of fruits are lemon, kiwi, apple, berry, pear, mango, banana, and orang. You can call cats as apple or pear when they are strong with bright colored fur. Lemon is for sweet cat, usually female and kitten.

Food names for cats might come from random words you just have in mind when see them for first time. People like to call honey for their lover. Honey is also food, which you can use for cat name. It sounds sweet, cute, and romantic. Other examples are cupcake, brandy, brownie, Candy, caramel, Fondue, Fudge, garlic, hazel, Mushroom, macaroni, muffin, pumpkin, pepper, and peanut. Using foods as name does not mean you forget drink. You can use name related to drink and beverage such as tea, latte, juice, coffee, etc. Another way is name from food in certain country such as Italian food names for cats.

Which name is suitable for your cat? Many sources are available for inspiration with fancy and interesting words. However, you should understand few things before choosing one of them. In general, food name is neutral with no gender distinction. You can add for male or female cat easily. On the other side, there is also name for kitten that mostly not suitable for adult cat. In this case, you pick name that will last long for cat entire life. Name is unique and you only call once for specific cat.

Next thing is about cat character whether from appearance or attitude. Cat breeds have different character that you can match with proper name. The simplest thing to do is adjusting cat color with food names for cats.

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