Which Antifungal Dog Shampoo to Pick for Your Dog

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Which Antifungal Dog Shampoo to Pick for Your Dog

Antifungal dog shampoo is made for dogs that get infected by fungal. As known, dogs can suffer from various diseases. Dogs can sniff, roll on the ground, chase Frisbees or balls, and do everything. It may lead them to pick up various diseases. Yet, you cannot strict them not to do what they want. Just set them free. An infection that can affect your dog is yeast infection or fungal infection. This infection can be seen from the dog that is constantly scratching, agitated, floor surfing on its back, or chewing its paws. Those are signals for you to be aware of fungal/yeast infection. Let’s dig more about this one.

The medical term of the infection is Malassezia. The yeast or fungal can grow around the dog’s ears, paws, backside, and mouth. Sadly, it can breed and grow in warm environment. It should be highlighted that the yeast can reproduce very fast. As one type of fungi, the fungal or yeast infection can spread very fast to the dog’s body. For your information, this growth of yeast is quite common in dogs. It is just a matter how the dog owner treat it. Antifungal dog shampoo can be a way to get rid of them. What should be remembered is that it can grow out of control when the dog owner does not treat it properly.

First thing first when you meet similar symptoms, bring the dog to a vet to check what happen to the dog. A vet can help to diagnose whether it is yeast infection or not. There are things to be aware of. This infection is caused by several things. The first one is the dog food. Foods that are high in fructose and sugar can help the yeast grow faster. Therefore, maintain healthy diet for the dog to avoid any fungal or yeast getting worse.

The second one is the climate. As mentioned earlier, the infection can be worse when the climate is damp and warm. Thus, prepare healthy clean pet medicated dog shampoo when the infection affects the dog. This brand is known well to cure the infection. The third one is the allergies. Some dogs can be allergic to something and it leads to a yeast infection. It is best for any dog owner to know whether the dog has allergies or not. Lastly, one disease can trigger another one. Regarding antifungal dog shampoo, other famous brands are: Nootie, PetArmor, Veterinary Formula, and KetoHex shampoo.

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