The Great Products of Awesome Kitten Teething Toys

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The Great Products of Awesome Kitten Teething Toys

You will need kitten teething toys when your cats are in phase of teething. This is normal phase in cats and it happens to kittens. The phase is necessary since your cat will grow the teeth and it may be painful moments. In this case, teething toys will be needed to reduce the pains. Moreover, the toys may give good chances to provide good health for teeth and jaws. There are many products to choose, so you will not find any problems to get the toys.

In fact, there are many products at market. However, it is not only about choosing product, but also about finding the best one of teething toys. Therefore, you may make your own kitten teething toys DIY. These can be made from cod rugs. You need to store rugs for several hours in refrigerator so it is cold. This is good for teething and effective to reduce the pain. In case you need to get references of the products, there are some options.

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  1. Petstages Dental Health Chews
    This is good reference of the teething toys for kittens. This is great option since it is quite cheap. However, its affordable price does not mean that this is bad in its quality. This toy is useful to improve dental health and even its material is good to remove tartar from the teeth. Then, this is easy to carry by your cat, so this can be brought to any places. Even, it has catnip, so it is good to prevent your kitten to chew other stuffs in your house.
    Petstages Dental Health Chews
  2. Petstages Catnip Chew Mice
    This is the next recommendation of kitten teething toys. As its name, this has shape of mouse. This is great toy to play since it has shape of cat’s natural prey. Instead of giving mice, it is safer to give toys in shape of mice and this product is great option. Its size and weight is also suitable for your kitten, so they can play with the artificial mice while releasing the pain from its teething phase.
    Petstages Catnip Chew Mice
  3. KONG Cat Hugga Wubba
    This is also good toy to choose for teething kitten. This has unique shapes and your lovely pet will love this toy. It also has various colors to attract the cats, so they will play with this toy instead of biting other stuffs in your house. This also provides sound when the kitten bites this toy, so it will attract the attention to play more.
    KONG Cat Hugga Wubba

Those are the great references of teething toys. The three options are great and safe for your kittens, even your adult cats. These will not hurt the teeth, jaws, and gum. In addition, the toys are also great in material, so it is safe and durable enough. Unique shapes and attractive colors are great features. Your kitten will always play safely with these kitten teething toys.

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