Hairless Cat Breeds and How to Know Whether It is a Sphynx Cat or Not

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Hairless Cat Breeds and How to Know Whether It is a Sphynx Cat or Not

Hairless cat breeds are very interesting. They are very unique that make people love it the most. Therefore, there are many Sphynx cat breeders right now that may help people who want to get a cat for sale. Besides, there are also Sphynx cat rescue shelters that rescue homeless Sphynx cat. They can be another alternative for you who want to pet the cat. Both of them are worth to try. However, you must be careful when it comes to this kind of cat.

Some years ago, a woman stated that she was deceived by a scammer. She got scammed by buying a cat that she thought it was a Sphynx cat. Unfortunately, it was just common cat that its fur was shaved off. In order to avoid getting scammed like this, there are things to be aware of regarding the Sphynx’s appearance. Before making a purchase of hairless cat for sale, take a deep observation on it. Firstly, take a look at the coat. Hairless cats may have short fur to none of fur at all. Yet, the nose of this cat has a bit of hair. What to remember is that its skin is so wrinkled.

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Secondly, observe the head. This unique cat has large ears with a small skull. The head is longer than it’s wide and makes it look like having wedge appearance. Thirdly, recognize the eyes. It has large eyes and they are set apart from each other. They are lemon shaped and may have various colors. The next, the hairless cat breeds has a medium-sized body. This cat is known as a strong and sturdy cat, but the body is not that big. Its belly is round and full, while its chest is broad and firm.

Furthermore, check whether the back legs are longer compared to the front legs. It is known to be unique and so it does with the legs. When it is standing, it can be seen that the back legs are a bit longer compared to the front ones. The legs are muscular. Again, the legs are wrinkled as well just like other parts of its body. The wrinkle part should not be skipped for sure when observing the cat. Those are several physical characteristics that can be a help to decide whether it is a real one or not. That’s all that can be shared. Hope it helpful and you can bring home real hairless cat breeds.


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