The Best Hairless Kittens for Sale with Playful Personality

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The Best Hairless Kittens for Sale with Playful Personality

Hairless kittens for sale are frequently desired by cat lovers. As we know, cat is the kind of animal well-known for its fur coat of hair all over the body. However, not every breed of cat is blessed with lots of smooth hair or fur. There are quite a lot of hairless breed of cat in the world. Even though they are hairless and have unusual, strange look, most of them have playful personality. You can find out several of them below to consider and choose.


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  1. Donskoy Cats
    Donskoy is a Russian cat. They are medium-sized cat with large ears and long toes. They are very slender and their almond-shaped eyes are well-known to be big and dashing. The lack of hair coat on Donskoy makes their body looks unusual. However, they are still very pretty because of their shimmering skin color. Talk about personality, Donskoy cat is very friendly. They love people and being around people. This Russian cat is very curious as well, making all people around them love every bit of the dog.
  2. Sphynx Cats
    Sphynx is probably the most well-known hairless cats in the world. People looking for hairless kittens for sale are most likely ended up with Sphynx. Physically, Sphynx is almost similar to Donskoy. However, the Sphynx breed seems to be higher and more playful. Even so, Sphynx is good with children; love to goof around, and very friendly. They do not like hiding themselves from people and pictures as well.
  3. Bambino Cats
    Bambino cats are a bit smaller compared to Donskoy, let alone a Sphynx. However, Bambino cats are very quick and active. The phsycal appearance is clearly less elegant compared to other breeds above. The perosnality of the drummer is quite cheerful. The cat loves to laugh and make sure. Just like a Sphynx kitten for sale, the kitten of Bambino is also naturally very physically similar to the Donskoy, making the two of them are hard to tell apart.


Those are some of the best cat breeds with no hair on the body. Even though those cats do not have lots of hair, it does not mean they do not need proper grooming. They need to be bathed regularly because most of hairless cats have oily body. If you think you can keep a cat with high maintenance like that, you are probably eligible to get hairless kittens for sale.

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