Rawz Cat Food Reviews and Reasons Why You Need to Make a Purchase

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Rawz Cat Food Reviews and Reasons Why You Need to Make a Purchase

Rawz cat food is sold widely. On the internet, there are many online sources that sell the products. On top of that, the official website of this brand also provides information of where to buy the products. There are stores that can be found easily with a help of their store locator. In fact, the manufacturer mentions in the website that they do not sell the products to several well-known e-commerce. If you find any product that is sold widely by online, the manufacturer cannot guarantee those products. Therefore, be careful with every purchase via online.

Regarding the Rawz brand, they are still a newcomer in cat food industry. Established some years ago, they claim themselves to be an exclusive independent brand. Although they are still a newbie, they show their dedication in making sure that the customers get authorized and guaranteed products. As mentioned earlier, even the manufacturer does not sell their products on several famous e-commerce. In return, they mention clearly several authorized Rawz retailers that are allowed to sell offline and online. Their website address is mentioned in the Rawz official website.

Why do they act so careful about their products? It is no doubt that they want to deliver the products that are exactly the same with what they produce. Customers’ satisfying is important for this brand. This brand is still new indeed. What is so good for them though? Their slogan is “the next best thing to feeding raw”. Well, Rawz cat food use raw ingredients and they are 100% rendered free ingredients. This ingredient sources are from some countries such as Western USA, Midwestern USA, Central USA, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, Belgium, Morocco, and Thailand.

The lists of ingredients that come from USA or around USA are quite long. Otherwise, there is only at least one ingredient that is brought from countries from Asia. Rosemary extract is from Morocco; Taurine is from Japan; Tapioca starch is from Thailand; DL-Methionine is from India & Belgium; and Fenugreek Seeds is from Canada & India.

They provide both cat and dog food. For the dog food, there are three main options: 100% rendered free, limited recipe, and freeze dried nutrition. As for cat food, it is 100% rendered free ingredients. They are made without highly processed gums, fillers, or meals. Hence, Rawz cat food or dog food are perfect for your pet in terms of nutrition and quality.

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