Purina DM Cat Food Review and Some Alternatives to Replace

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Purina DM Cat Food Review and Some Alternatives to Replace

Purina DM cat food has been known as a good product for feline diabetes. This is specified for cats with special dietary needs. Thus, the ingredients are carefully selected and processed for the cats. The nutrition is not forgotten to be included in this food. As known, cat with diabetes needs special treatment, especially in its diet. First of all, why do they get diabetes? It will be elaborated more below.

Diabetes cases in human are serious and so does in the cats. It is not a light disease, so any cat owners who have cat with diabetes need to know how to treat their cat in a proper way. The cases of diabetes in the cats are rising. It is still unknown what exact cause of diabetes in the cats. One most possible cause is in their food. Some cat owners may not be fully aware of what the cat food product contains. It may contain a lot sugar that is obviously not good for the cat’s health. Then, it may lead to diabetes.

Getting the cat to meet a vet may be a big help. A vet will guide you what to do with the cat. Regarding the disease, the dietary management should be watched over. Purina DM cat food is the most popular cat food that will be recommended by a vet. As mentioned earlier, this product has been known widely and is suitable for cats with special condition. However, the price is not that cheap. Hence, many people are interested in looking for other Purina dm cat food alternative.

What are those alternatives? Here are the products. Firstly, it is w/d Feline Low Fat Glucose Management from Hill’s Prescription Diet. This product is good for cats that can gain its weight easily. Calories and fats are given in the product, but in low amount. Secondly, there is veterinary diet from Royal Canin. As seen by its name, it is also specially produced for cats with diabetes. This product is good for maintaining diabetic cats’ blood glucose levels.

Thirdly, it is still from Royal Canin, named Feline Glycobalance. It is a dry cat food and good to balance glucose levels. This is nutritious and palatable for the diabetic cats. Last but not least, the product comes from Purina. It is Savory Selects. They are four alternatives that can be purchased easily by online or offline. Finally, remember that Purina DM cat food and other alternatives may need prescription.

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