What You Have to Know about Semi Moist Cat Food

What You Have to Know about Semi Moist Cat Food

When it comes to cat foods, you may find that there are three kinds of them: wet food, dry food and semi moist cat food. The different formula in either food category has set the test of time previously and has actually proven to provide cats’ nutritional requirements at all life stages. In fact, semi moist food for cats is also known as soft dry food.

Unluckily, many wet cat foods are generally made with inferior fillers along with artificial ingredient which don’t offer much in nutrition. If you’ve been thinking about feeding your feline somewhat other than waterless kibble, think about a semi moist cat food.

Semi moist food for cat has changed over the years so many people describe this kind of food in such various ways. Nowadays, many manufacturer of pet food use the semi moist food term to refer certain food toppers. In short, many people regard as semi moist food is similar with canned food.

Even though looked rather similar to dry food or kibble, the content of moisture is different as it contains more than sixty percent higher. When it comes to the price, semi moist is also cheaper rather than canned food but more expensive than dry food. It becomes an in-between option for you who want give your feline a bit better than dry cat food without spending much money. Surprisingly, lots of semi moist foods are made of sugar and salt in high level.

The essential benefit of the kind of food is such a handiness factor as the food is considered to be more appetizing especially if your cat is a picky eater or having trouble in chewing dry food. Unluckily, most semi moist cat food is containing inferior ingredients as well as artificial additives. Therefore, you have to be careful enough about which product and brand you are going to pick.

Keep in mind different food manufacturers actually label their own products differently. The key factor to differentiate moist food is the moisture content within as it contains more than fifty percent and below eighty five percent. Typically, this kind of cat food ranges from sixty up to sixty five percent.

Nowadays, the existence of what called semi moist food is no-longer obtainable. Nowadays, the term is only known as canned food or wet food. In case you are searching for a product that similar to the semi moist cat food, you have to think about pouched cat foods rather than canned one.

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