Raccoon Stealing Cat Food How Do Deal With it

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raccoon stealing cat food

People in rural area often experience the case of raccoon stealing cat food. This situation happens because their homes are close to the forest. Raccoon is wild animal that tolerates to human life, particularly their pets. There is nothing wrong about raccoon hanging around in your neighborhood. If they do not enter your garden and house, everything is in proper order. On contrary, raccoon seems to look for more foods and decide to invade your home. If this happens, you can follow few tips as the counter measure and preventive methods.


  1. No pet food and bird feeder outside the house
    They visit your house because you put the cat food outside. It is not usual thing to do pet feeding outside, unless you need new atmosphere. However, you should clean everything immediately without any trace. Food on the ground is attraction to raccoon. Besides, you should put away the bird feeder if raccoon can reach that place. Basically, everything that attracts raccoon to come should be getting rid immediately.
  2. Closed every access such as garbage, fences, and door
    Next method to handle raccoon stealing cat food is to seal or close your garbage, fences, and door. You might like raccoon, but keep them out of your property. Garbage is a source of food for them. Check the fences regularly to make sure there is no hole or anything that lets wild animal pass into your garden. If raccoon is capable to reach your house, lock the door and guard your pet. This animal is famous for being cat killer. In special situation, raccoon eating cat often happens.
  3. Don’t encourage raccoon feeding
    Some people think raccoon is interesting animal that they want to see directly. Feeding raccoon is normal activity in rural area as a part of their interest. It is not bad thing to do, but make sure to keep preventive measure in proper way. Don’t feeding raccoon regularly with pattern. This animal can understand the pattern to know where they get food or not. If this happens, they might try to look around then try to reach your place. Raccoon is nocturnal animal that’s active only at night. If you see them in broad daylight, call local authority immediately.

Besides the methods above, you might ask our neighbor about raccoon problem. This animal visits your house may be because your neighbor encourages it via pet food. In that case, you should keep guard and make sure everything is ready to face raccoon stealing cat food case.

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