Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food? Things You Should Know

Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food

Since cats and ferrets have some characteristics, it may cross your mind can ferrets eat cat food? Well, both of them require specific nutritional requirements to maintain their health. They do not have an ability to fully digest nutrients within plant materials as well. Moreover, they require diets that consist of fiber, low carbohydrates and also animal protein. That’s why many ferret owners consider giving their pet cat foods.

Feeding your lovely ferret with cat food is actually not prohibited. Nonetheless, you have to be so picky and avoiding giving them any kind of cat foods. Depending solely on the foods might lead to improper nutrition that could possibly cause serious illness and even death. Most owners think that cat foods are the best alternative food for ferrets. In case you live in a remote location far away from a shop sells ferret products, thus cat foods could be a great option.

Bear in mind to not feed ferret with canned kitten foods for some reasons. It’s quite difficult to get enough high calorie density that can suit the needs of your pet when consuming canned foods. Furthermore, it’s hard to keep wet products fresh. Canned food is also not crunchy enough and won’t help removing plaque over your ferret’s teeth as well.

Alternatively, many owners of ferret also opt for kitten foods since they are inexpensive. Can ferrets eat cat food? Just like other crunchy and dry pet food, kitten food can actually be stored any longer. When it comes to buy a cat food for ferret, make sure to read the label whether or not it contains animal protein that’s easy to digest. Note that the content of animal protein is more than thirty three percent. Avoid making purchase on product with plant based protein content because your pet cannot easily digest that food.

Instead of relying solely on cat foods, alternatively you can also mix cooked or raw meats over ferret foods. Consider giving them taurine and calcium supplement to improve their health. Nevertheless, it is completely not recommended to give your pet frozen animal protein as it contains a small amount of nutrients.

If you want to change ferret food brand, make sure not to change it completely. Some drastic changes could cause your ferrets react badly. They might be shocked and won’t accept this sudden change within regular meal. A good thing to do is mixing a small amount of their new food with the current one. Thus, you will be able to increase the amount of new food gradually. Well, your question on can ferrets eat cat food is already figured out.

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