Liquid Cat Food and You Should Know Them before Feeding

Liquid Cat Food and You Should Know Them before Feeding

Liquid cat food is recommended choice for cat that has healthy issue. What kind of situation that you need to give liquid food? After surgery, cat body is weak and cannot swallow properly. It happens because most of the energy is exhausted alongside disease that already moved. In that situation, vet helps feeding through syringe or tube. The foods are not in solid form, but liquid. As owner, you can have it at home until your cat can eat properly. Several things are important before decided to rely in liquid food, whether it’s for temporary or long term.


  1. Ingredients and nutrients
    What are ingredients inside this kind of food? It is different from usual food because it is purified, and liquid form can limit its nutrients. The manufacturers use compound that’s easily to dissolve. Keep in mind the process is not a simple blending as you make juice. The examples of those ingredients are water, soybean, glutamine, corn, chicken fat, and fructose. Basically, foods have the major nutrients, which are carbohydrate, protein, mineral, and vitamins. They are the keys for the best foods for sick cat.
  2. Safety and healthiness
    You might feel inconvenient when your cat needs liquid food. You may not understand that liquid is as safe as solid food. Even though you give the cat this food every day, there is nothing to worry about that matter. Liquid cat food is a part of healthy diet that’s not mere liquid to consume. Due to high tech process, this food is very safe in term of free from chemical compound that mostly in canned food. Besides, this food has short expired date.
  3. Availability and feeding
    Even though liquid food is good and healthy, the common issues are about availability and price. Only few manufacturers produce it that makes the price is quite high. At store, you need to ask the food availability. Next thing is feeding because it is not food you put inside plate then let the cat eat. You need tube or syringe as auxiliary device for feeding. Of course, the tools are necessary to purchase. Do not forget to read manual and guideline regarding feeding and preparation process.

You know whether your cat needs liquid food or not based on veterinarian advice. Liquid form is also suitable for kitten and old cat. Besides buying at store, you might consider to produce your own version. In this case, the ingredients adopt what manufacturers put, except you do manually for making liquid cat food.

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