Some Characteristic of Black Hairless Cats that You Must Know

Some Characteristic of Black Hairless Cats that You Must Know

Some people may look impressed when they see black hairless cats. This kind of cat is quite unique. Compared to the others, this one has a very clear characteristic, so people can identify it very easily. It is about appearance. As its name, the cat has no hair or fur and this makes the cat so special. Actually, it is named as the sphinx cat. The name is very familiar for those who love Egypt and its culture. It seems like that the cat get the name because it is commonly found in Egypt.

The sphinx cat is truly unique. The appearance looks so cute since it has no hair. If you love to cuddle and sleep with cats, it is the right choice. Sphinx cats love to be cuddled and cuddle you. They will really love to play and follow wherever you go. However, you must be aware that the cat is special, so treatment and care must be given. There are some points that must be understood to choose it as lovely pet to have.


  1. Grooming and bathing
    Its main characteristic makes black hairless cats need higher frequency of grooming and bathing. It is like seeing a baby who will easily get dirty. Moreover, the car has no hair, so the skin cannot handle oil secreted by body or glands. So, you must give bathing and grooming at least once in a week, so the skin is always healthy and clean.
  2. Ear cleaning
    Without proper and regular cleaning, the ear canals will be dirty, and dust can block the way. Moreover, sphinx cat produces earwax and it must get your great attention. The wax production is quite rapid, and proper cleaning must be given.
  3. Companionship
    The sphinx cat personality is quite nice, but it really needs companions. It loves cuddling and playing with you. Moreover, it can be great friend if you love pet who can always accompany you. However, it cannot be left alone. When you leave the cat several hours, it will be lonely and even it can bring bad effect for temperament. At least, you need to give friends for it.

Those become important points to get your attention. The sphinx cat is special and you must give it special treatment. As the response, the cat will really love you and it will never make you sad. It can be great friend of yours. That’s why the best attention must be given to black hairless cats.


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