Causes, Symptoms, and Home Remedies of Kitten Eyes Infection

Causes, Symptoms, and Home Remedies of Kitten Eyes Infection

Kitten eyes infection is one of the most common health problems in kitten. Small, newborn cats are very prone to many health issues. However, it is indeed the eye infections deemed to be the most frequent and most bothering. Even when the kitten is taken care so well, eye infection can still happen. If you have small kitten also at home and want to find out about this health problem, below is the further information about it.


  1. The Causes of the Infection
    Kittens are very prone to many health problems, especially infections. When it comes to eyes infections, usually there are two major causes. The first cause is unclean resting area. Kittens or newborn cats do not wander around too often. They rather stay on their place. If the place to put them is dirty and unattended, they can be full of bacteria and fungus, which cause the eye infection. The second cause is the vaginal infection. Vaginal infection from the mother cat basically makes the kitten born with infection already. There is nothing much to do by the owner about this one particular cause.
  2. The Symptoms of the Infections
    When a kitten has eyes infection, usually the owner can notice it immediately. All the symptoms of eye infections are very visible. It starts with watery discharge on the eye. When it gets worse, the discharge will be like yellow-to-green-colored pus. The infected eye will swell as well. If you notice that your cat blinking too frequently and squinting too often as well, it can be possible that it has the kitten eyes infection.
  3. Home Remedies for the Infections
    Using kitten eye infection home remedy is probably the wisest decision. Kittens are sometimes very sensitive toward over-the-counter medicines. There are several home remedies that you can try to heal the eye infections. Most of them are using natural ingredients that you can find around your house, such as apple cider vinegar, milk, and warm compress. All of them have the goal to clean up the eyes, stop the bacterial and fungal from growing on the eyes, and reduce the inflammation.


Now that you know basically everything about eyes infection in kitten, you can prevent them for sure. However, if your small kitten is already infected on the eyes, try to heal the kitten by giving home remedies listed above. That way, the kitten will no longer suffer from kitten eyes infection and grow healthy eventually.


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