Kitten Eye Infection Home Remedy You Can Do on Your Own

Kitten Eye Infection Home Remedy You Can Do on Your Own

Kitten eye infection home remedy is quite easy to have. The infection can appear in both eyes or in one eye only. This will be uncomfortable for kitten to get this infection really. Therefore, it is important that cat owners should always be prepared for things like this. In order to educate all cat owners what to know and what to do, here is the information.

Firstly, let’s get the signs of eye infections. There are things to be aware of and they are explained as follows.

  1. The cat is pawing at its eyes.
  2. The cat has light sensitivity.
  3. The cat is blinking, holding, or squint the eye closed for a long time.
  4. Swelling and redness in the eyes.
  5. There is crustiness around its eyes.
  6. The eyeball is discharged.

As seen above the symptoms may vary from one cat to another. It is common thing, so do not be confused. One thing to be highlighted is that you must be fully aware if the cat is suffering from one of those symptoms. Before the kitten eye infection home remedy is spilled, it is best to know what can cause the infection.

Getting tested is best solution when the cat is suffering. The cause can be found by testing them. Regarding the eye infection, the first cause is herpesvirus. This one is a viral infection and it is a chronic one. Along with that virus, calicivirus is another common virus that may create the infection in the eyes. Facing this situation, try to be calm and get cat sore eye home treatment prepared. What to do?

The first thing to do is to get warm tea bags. This is well-known remedy for the infections. What you need to brew a tea bad and let it cool for about 15 to 20 minutes. Later, gently press the tea bag on the cat’s eyes. Additional thing to do is to get them a war compress. It will be a help for alleviating the crustiness, itching, and burning. Eliminating the swelling in the cat can be done as well.

Furthermore, get lysine or boric acid for treating eye infection. Lysine is good for cats that are infected with herpesvirus. When the cat takes lysine, the virus cannot replicate anymore. Meanwhile, boric acid can be a big help as well. That’s all about kitten eye infection home remedy that you can do easily at home.


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